Reasons Why You Should NEVER Marry An Artist

Reasons why you should NEVER marry an Artist 99digest

Reasons, why you should NEVER marry an Artist, is perfect if you are going to marry an artist?

You have to face marriage once in a lifetime.


Getting married to an unknown and especially to someone who is unpredictable is a different level of challenge.

This group called Artists, think differently as they are immensely talented people.

There is no direct way to describe an artist.

Whether they are a painter, singer, writer, photographer, dancer, musician anything but we one common fact is they have something special about them.

You always believe that artisan is a romantic, lovable, sexy, seductive, caring and best match for you.

Reasons why you should NEVER marry an Artist

Marry an artist because you will be their inspiration every time.

Above all is right but on the other side on a funny note, the story is different.

Have fun and read below.

Reasons why you should NEVER marry an Artist:

  1. They are moody like a pregnant woman.
  2. They are super boring. They can spend a whole day just looking at a leaf.
  3. You can’t beat them in surprises. They are more creative then you can imagine.
  4. They may look simple but their head is as complex as rocket science.
  5. If you are a clean freak, be ready for divorce.
  6. They are men/women of few words. 2/3rd of their life, they remain silent.
  7. They stay in their own imaginary world, hard to bring back to the normal world.
  8. You can’t seduce them easily; they know anatomy better than you.
  9. They spend half of their lives in the studio.
  10. If they are dedicated artist, you will be their second love. First is ART.

Credit @ Saurav Rishi

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