Hilarious Husband Wife Jokes
Hilarious Husband Wife Jokes

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Playing On Roof – Husband Wife Jokes

Husband Wife Jokes are very popular around the world because it is read by all husbands and wives and even singles.

Everyone can relate to Husband and Wife’s Jokes about their daily routine life events.

There is a saying that the Husband and Wife relation is created by God and it is a long-lasting relation.

Out of many moments, sometimes there are very funny situations and events come in their life.

Let’s enjoy one of the funny moments.

A woman went on vacation, leaving her husband behind.

Before she left, she told him to take extra special care of her cat.

The next day she called her husband and asked if the cat was all right.

Her husband : The cat just died.

She (bursting into tears) : How could you be so blunt?

Why couldn’t you have broken the news gradually!  Today, you could have said that it was playing on the roof; tomorrow, you could have said that it fell off and had broken its leg; then on the third day, you could have said that the poor thing had passed away in the night.

You could have been more sensitive about the whole thing.

By the way, how is my mom?

Husband: She is playing on the roof. !


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